David Tobocman, Composer -- MUSIC SAMPLES
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Kettle of Fish
selections from  
Los Jornaleros

Wedding Day

"Espacio" (Main Title) Paul Masvidal, vocal



Zany Rescue

East L.A.

Love Lost Theme

Maria Sleeping

Love Found Theme

Tura Apologizes

"Unexpected" (Main Title) Sasha Lazard, vocal

selections from Family Law selections from They Shoot Divas, Don't They?

Family Law Theme

Tribal Intro
Exit Diane

The Needle
Sweet Girl, Not!

Three Stories
Downtown Theme

Love Theme
Jenny's Got a Gun

"To Love You" (song) Wendy Lands, vocal

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Psycho Beach Party
selections from  

 Lil' Pimp  Players Club

Mock Horror Underscore


Kanaka's Shack


Chicklet's Flashback

*Diamond's Theme

Police Interrogation

*Keep Your Head On
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*co-written with Frank Fitzpatrick

This Town
Hope on a Stick

Hearts in Motion
The Short Con

In the Loop
Rock Redemption

Hip Pop

Missing Jimi Missing Jimi

Vista Cruiser Montage (From That 70s Show) Sambuca ©David Tobocman (all selections)